Launchpad makes it quick and easy to find whatever apps are installed on your Mac. Launchpad is accessible from the Dock: It's the icon that looks like a rocketship inside a metal button. You can also press F4 on your Apple keyboard to open it, or pinch together your thumb and three fingers on the trackpad, if your Mac is so equipped. Trackpad arranges all your apps in alphabetical order by default, and includes a search field at the top if you'd like to just find one without hunting down its icon. The app automatically creates multiple pages, and as new apps are installed from the Mac App Store (and as existing ones are updated), you'll see them "sparkle" to let you know they've been changed each time you open Launchbar. Just like the Home screen on the iPhone, you can arrange apps in Launchpad into folders simply by dragging and dropping them onto one another.