Layton Brothers Mystery Room for iOS isn't a port of one of the Professor Layton titles made popular on the Nintendo DS, but it's pretty darn close. Available now for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Layton Brothers stars the son of the Professor, and detective extraordinaire, Alfendi Layton.

This isn't a huge mystery filled with hundreds of smaller puzzles as with the Professor Layton titles, but an investigation based crime puzzler split up into smaller, more manageable chunks. The graphics are rendered beautifully in the same cartoon-esque style that the Nintendo DS titles were, and despite taking a different path, it feels like a Professor Layton game right through.

Layton Brothers Mystery Room is available to download for free from the App Store, and for that you get the first two case files to solve. Further batches of cases are unlockable through in-app purchases of $2.99 and $1.99 for the different packs. We'll be taking a much closer look at the game in a future review, but if you've ever played Professor Layton then this one is sure to interest you. Who's excited?

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