Photoshop Elements users may want to check out Learn Adobe Photoshops Elements 9 Quickly And Easily for the iPhone and iPad. It's packed with 9 hours of 3-5 minute video tutorials that teach how to best edit your photos.

Tired of slogging away manually making alterations to photos? Finding very little respite in turning a generic picture into art? Experienced instructor Jerron Smith narrates you through easy-to-learn tutorials in the use of Photoshop Elements 9. With personal touches and humor, you will start with the basics – the welcome screen, and progress through setting up watch lists, editing your photos, correcting red eye, and much more. Jerron Smith walks you through, focusing on each facet of the program.

  • AirPlay enabled allowing you to view your videos on your television.
  • Includes working files you can download to your computer and use in AutoCAD 2011 as you watch the training on your iPad - freeing up your monitor space for the software.
  • 114 individual tutorial videos broken into comprehensive chapters and movies - 9 hours total.
  • Go through each video or skip around; you're in complete control.
  • 1X, 2X and 4X speeds allow you to learn at your own pace.
  • Resume play lets you stop your training at anytime; pick up where you left off and minimize time-loss due to video skimming.
  • Streaming video - allows you to keep your iPad hard drive free for your own media and data.

Learn Adobe Photoshops Elements 9 Quickly And Easily is available on the iPhone and iPad for $9.99.

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