VivakIds' ABC is an iPad app to teach toddlers and pre-kindergaten kids the alphabet. The alphabet will com alive with stop-motion animation with the help of internationally renowned artist, author and educator Ulrike Kerber.

The letters of the alphabet come alive in this fun iPad app that seamlessly combines letter shapes and sounds into words both familiar and challenging. Toddlers and pre-kindergarten children are engaged and captivated by the motion and imagination expressed in this colorful, cheerful learning tool.

  • A- Amazing stop motion videos for every letter!
  • B- Because we love to help kids learn to read
  • C- Change the backgrounds and personalize the experience
  • D- Don’t look now, but learning can be fun!
  • E- Every child will love the animations
  • F- Fill the letter shapes with different textures!
  • G- Gee Wiz! You are still reading this? Go download now!
  • H- Hear the letters and related words to strengthen learning
  • I- Interact with loveable stop-motion characters
  • J- Just watch as your children explore and learn
  • K- Kerber is a really amazing artist
  • L- Learn the alphabet in a fun way with Vivakids!
  • M- Make some noise!
  • N- Now spin in a circle!
  • O- Oh no! You haven’t downloaded yet?
  • P- Please don’t forget, if you love it, leave a review!
  • Q- Quit reading this, go have fun on your iPad!
  • R- Really now…
  • S- Still here? We are getting to the really hard letters now
  • T- Think you know what X and Z will be? U- Unusual to find words that start with those letters V- VIVAKIDS! W- We love that you are still reading but… X- XOXOXO Y- You must be wondering what the last word will be Z- Zilch is how many letters come after Z!

VivaKids' ABC is available on the iPad for $2.99.

[App Store link]

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