Learn how to Salsa dance with Pocket Salsa for iPhone and iPad

We're over halfway through Mobile Nations Fitness Month, so it's time to spice up your fitness routine with some salsa dancing. Pocket Salsa is an iPhone and iPad app that will have you workin' your moves, burning calories, and having fun all at the same time.

Pocket Salsa is filled with over 150 instructional videos that teach everything from the basics of salsa dancing to intermediate level dance moves. I am probably the furthest thing possible from a dancer, and even I'm able to learn from these very clear lessons.

Watching videos on your iPhone or iPad is great and all, but you can enhance your learning experience by sharing the lessons to your television with Apple TV.

In addition to videos, Pocket Salsa also includes a list of salsa rhythms making it real easy to quickly turn on some music to practice your new moves. You can also watch the latest video podcasts from addicted2salsa to learn even more.

Most of lessons are for couples, so go grab a partner, tell them to get on board with Mobile Nations Fitness month, and get dancing!

$3.99 - Download Now

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