Letterpress update allows players to remember words for later

The popular social word game Letterpress has been updated with a few new features and fixes, the most notable being the ability to save words for later. This is restricted to a single word per game, and you simply tap-and-hold the Clear button to close out a game after you've selected a word. The next time you open the game, the word will fly back up out of the grid.

And because I just love the update notes that Atebits releases, here they are:

  • Remember words for later. Tap-and-hold the CLEAR button to close a game, but remember the word you had selected. Next time you go into the game it'll zap back up out of the grid. Pew-pew-pew. Like that.
  • Fix zombie games. Maybe. You never know with zombies.
  • Adjust bouncies.
  • Fix wiggle-squishes.
  • Tweak auto-matching.
  • Tips & Tricks, Legal links.
  • Updated dictionary. ORTHOLOGY, dawg.
  • Una cosa súper secreta. (¡Que bueno Español Lorenzo! Ah gracias Lorenzo, me recuerdo de escuela. Los pantalones es mucho grande.)
  • App binary is even smaller. If the world were just, the market would reward my relentless drive for efficiency fueled by a visceral hatred of bloated software. #gimmemoney #jk #no4real
  • Enable View Replay button for iOS 5 users too.
  • Paul Kafasis previously eschewed public credit for the idea of “wiggle the letter which came from a tapped empty space”, but after seeing the billing my wife got, he told me he wanted in. Enjoy your taste of the limelight, Paul.

Personally, I'm very happy with the ability to save words, as it's been a request of mine for quite some time. I admit that I'd love to save a whole list of words, but since some view this as cheating, I'm happy to compromise with just one word per game.

Anyone know what the "cosa súper secreta" is?

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