LG coincidentally announces production of new screens ahead of iPhone 5

LG Display has started to ramp up production of new displays, using in-cell technology that, coincidentally I'm sure, sound like perfect fits the rumored iPhone 5 that just might be announced at the rumored September 12 Apple event. Reuters scored comments from Han Sang-beom, chief executive of LG Display, which he gave reporters on Wednesday but which were embargoed until Thursday morning (?!).

"We just began mass production and we don't expect any disruption in supplies."

Reuters also, again, backs up the September 12 event date iMore first reported back in July, and reaffirms a 4-inch screen for the next iPhone with in-cell technology.

The iPhone screens will also be thinner than previous versions with the use of so-called in-cell panels. The new technology embeds touch sensors into the liquid crystal display, eliminating the touch-screen layer found in current iPhones.

So count LG and Sharp in the good to go category, which should help make sure Apple has plenty of screens to go around for what should be their biggest iPhone launch ever. While in previous year, including 2010, supply constraints on screen components were reportedly the reason for slower rollouts and lower iPhone and iPad availability, last year's iPhone 4S and this year's iPad 3 were among Apple's most aggressive rollouts ever. Given the massive Retina display in the new iPad, that's saying a lot.

iMore previously learned the new iPhone will become available for pre-order sometime following the event on September 12, go on sale in the US and other first-wave countries on September 21, and go on sale in second-wave countries on October 5.

In addition to a 4-inch, reportedly 16:9 display, the next iPhone is also rumored to have LTE 4G networking, a smaller Dock connector, a headphone jack at the bottom, and perhaps NFC capabilities as well.

We'll find out for sure in just under 3 weeks.