LG G2 brings all the specs to the yard, no interface design allowed

The LG G2 has just been officially announced, and given how many high end components LG is capable of producing, it's no wonder this thing, spec wise, seems not only top notch, but a real beauty. Here's what Phil Nickinson of Android Central had to say from the event floor:

Right off the bat, let's talk about that crazy-nice display. It measures up to a full 5.2 inches while maintaining the traditional 5-inch footprint, thanks to the super-slim bezel. It's nearly one millimeter thinner on the sides and three millimeters thinner up top than its main competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S4. That translates to a 75.9% effective display area, the largest on the market today. And thanks to its true full HD resolution and 400-nit brightness, we're seeing a display that can give just about every one of its competitors a run for their money.

And then he turns it on and we see the interface. Which, like Samsung, is where everything goes off the rails. Here, watch:

Now compare that to the first beta of iOS 7 shown off back in June:

Risky NDA breaker: it looks even better now. Apple users, go send Jony Ive some nice warm cookies.

Android users, go demand the LGs and Samsungs of this world start spending some of their millions and billions of dollars on a design team. Specs matter only so far as they need to deliver an experience. Done. Great job. Now make that experience as gorgeous in pixels as it is in atoms.

Seriously. That's the job. And it's where Apple is going to absolutely annihilate everyone else on the market come fall.

Source: Android Central