LG G5 brings modular phones to the mainstream

LG has just announced the company's big 2016 flagship phone, the LG G5 and our colleagues at Android Central have just published a full LG G5 preview. There's some interesting stuff there, including almost completely hidden antenna lines, wide angle camera lens, an "always on" LCD display, and even companion 360º cameras and rolling robots.

Most interesting is the new modular design that lets you "eject" the bottom of the phone in order to replace the battery or swap the standard bottom out entirely for one with dedicated camera functionality or one with higher quality audio output.

Cool movie Rene imagines running out of battery, hitting eject, the module dropping, smoke swirling, the camera pack sliding in, Rene spinning, the battery hitting the ground, shots firing, and Rene getting the perfect pic.

Paranoid clumsy Rene imagines running out of battery, the eject not working, pulling harder, the module falling to the ground with a panic-inducing crack, the camera getting jammed and not connecting, and Rene having the perfect meltdown.

So, we'll have to wait until it ships and gets used for a while to see how well it works in the real world and how resilient it turns out to be, but when you're in LG's position, not only should you experiment, you have to. And that's good for everyone.

Apple's rumored to be bringing a new 4-inch iPhone 5se to market as early as March and, of course, speculation about next fall's iPhone 7 is already starting to spread. Will LG be able to compete with either of those, or with Samsung? It doesn't matter. LG makes a ton of components and technologies that find their way into a ton of products all of us use everyday. So, even if you're not into the company's phones, consider this a tech demo for stuff you might very well be into one day.

Check out the LG G5 hands-on video above and, if it piques your curiosity, you can find tons more at our sibling site.