LG Smart Bulb

LG has introduced its new Smart Bulbs, a connected light bulb with Bluetooth and Wifi in a similar vein to the Philips Hue. The bulbs connect to both Android and iOS devices – iOS 6 and above – and will retail for around $32.

LG says the bulbs will run for over 10 years based on 5 hours usage per day. Features include a security mode so you're able to set the bulbs to come on when you're away from home, and the ability to flash when you're receiving a phone call. Android users can also enable 'party mode' where the lights will blink in time to music.

Cross-platform support is great, and it'll be interesting to see how these compare to the Hue if and when they go on sale outside of LG's native Korea. LG does have a leg-up on Hue in price, though. At $32 each, they're almost half the price of one Philip's bulb. Would you be tempted by these?

Source: LG via Android Central