Lightning Dock for iPhone 5 looks to fill the void left by AppleOne of the big disappointments for many when the iPhone 5 was released was the news that Apple would not be making a dock for their latest creation. It has been a big concern to many who like to have their iPhone 5 standing upright by the side of their bed or on their desk with easy viewing distance. Thankfully we now have an option to get a dock for the iPhone 5 and its called the Lightning Dock. The Lightning Dock has been designed by a company who claims to have been designing docks and mounts for iPad's and iPhone's for over 3 years. The latest dock is designed specifically for the iPhone 5 and also works with the iPod touch 5th generation too.

The dock is available in three color options and two different materials; anodized Aluminum, black anodized aluminum or hardwood. It can also be supplied with or without its own Lightning cable. The Lightning Dock works with or without a case and uses the strength of the Lightning dock connector to support the iPhone 5. The Lightning connector, according to TLD is very strong and is capable of holding your iPhone 5 firmly. If you don’t want to take that chance, there is also an additional back plate that offers slim groves which accommodate a Plexiglas plate which can be removed later if you find it’s not needed.

The Lightning Dock costs $24.95 for the hardwood version and $34.95 for either of the anodized aluminum docks. You can add on an additional $20 if you want it supplied with its own Lightning USB cable and en extra $5 for the back plate. Shipping is slated as 2-3 weeks and it can be shipped internationally. Not long to wait if you’re desperate to get your hands on an iPhone 5 dock. I am planning on ordering one of these as I really miss my iPhone dock. What about you?

Source: Lightning Dock