Looks like Geohot wants back with limera1n and back in on the Jailbreak scene. Just day after Chronic Dev Team and Comex announced the 10/10/10 release date of Greenpois0n, he has announced his own bootrom exploit, which he wants included in Greenpois0n, no doubt delaying it's release... What will Chronic Dev Team do? According to the @chronicdevteam twitter account:

We are currently working the "situation" out. Don't worry, you'll still get the jailbreak in the end, nothing to be concerned about.

The story of Geohot is well known and his achievements in the iPhone hacking world are well documented...

  • He created the first hardware unlock
  • Founder of iPhone wiki
  • Published the first iPhone hardware unlock for bootloader 4.6
  • Found the iBoot Environment Variable Overflow exploit.
  • Released purplera1n
  • Released purplesn0w
  • Independently found the usb_control_msg(0x21, 2) exploit.
  • Released blackra1n
  • Released blacksn0w

Earlier this year, Geohot announced that he was quitting the Jailbreak scene due to constant pestering and criticism from fans and iPhone Jailbreakers whom he said robbed him of the joy of his work. His rumored Limera1n never released. So why now? Why waste an exploit (which will be patched by apple) on an already exploited and jailbroken firmware?

More as this develops.


by Farbod