We're in line for the WWDC keynote so you don't have to be!

Between the insane competition for conference tickets, hectic travel arrangements, and an early start that was already beat by zealous overnight campers, we have miraculously ended up in line for the WWDC keynote this afternoon. We will be liveblogging the pants off that keynote, which starts at 1 PM EST. Since the odds of a live video stream are slim to none, you'll probably want to check it out for all of the latest announcements and some top-notch live photos from the keynote.

What will we end up seeing out of this year's WWDC? iOS 6 already good and official at this point, but what's contained inside is still a mystery. There has been lots of talk about Apple TV being opened up to developers, but whether or not that will be accompanied with fresh hardware is anybody's guess. If you have your own ideas about what we'll see this afternoon, be sure to weigh in on our poll.

Follow our own @ReneRitchie for lots of pictures from the WWDC show floor, and of course keep an eye on our front page for all of the day's big announcements, be they related to iOS 6, Apple TV, Mac, or anything else Apple has to offer.

More pics!