Lining up for the iPhone 5? Join the iMore tailgate party and win!

We had an awesome pre-order pajama party and an incredibly cool iOS 6 countdown bash, but now it's time for the big one -- the iPhone 5 tailgate party! If you're lining up for an iPhone 5 tonight, wait in line with iMore!

We'll be hanging out in the iPhone 5 forums, letting each other know where we're going to be, talking over which phones we'll be getting, and -- oh yeah! -- giving out some great prizes!

  • Rene and Georgia will be at the Fairview Pte. Claire Apple Store outside Montreal
  • Kevin will be at the Winnipeg Apple Store
  • Daniel with be at the 5th Avenue in New York City
  • Leanna with be at the Del Monte Shopping Center in Monterey
  • Ally will be at the Woodfield Mall Apple Store in Schaumburg
  • Alex and Richard will be at the Regent Street Apple Store in London

Some of us will have t-shirts, others will have stickers, all of us will have great conversation both in line, and online in the forums! So post lots of pictures, share lots of stories, and let's get this party started right! (Right on! Ain't no party like an iPhone party!)

Where will you be? What are you getting? Who wants to win some loot? Get to the forums now!

First iPhone 5 owner at Regent Street in London First iPhone 5 owner at Regent Street in London!