LinkedIn Contacts relaunches as Connected, aims to keep you more in the loop

LinkedIn's old Contacts app for iPhone has been revamped with a new focus: it's now LinkedIn Connected. The app, which previously served as little more than a standalone Rolodex with a hint of updates for your LinkedIn connections, is now more about keeping you up-to-date with what's going on in your extended business network.

Connected puts those updates front and center, using a "card" format to display one update at a time, swiping from the right to pull up the next one. It helps to keep you focused on whatever that update is, be it a promotion, job change, a mere profile update, or (as your author's quick perusal of Connected revealed) a lot of suggestions on with whom else you could connect.

It's a clean design, certainly an improvement over the old Contacts app, and it helps to put a bit of the social back into the business social network by encouraging more interaction by prompting users to send congratulatory messages on the aforementioned updates.

You can grab LinkedIn Connected for free from the App Store.

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