Linky makes it even easier and faster to share from Safari

The overarching concept of extensions in iOS 8 is poised to make your iPhone and iPad more powerful than ever, but new share extension from Linky is one of our favorites so far. If you're the type that frequently shares from Safari, Chrome, or any other iOS browser to Twitter or Facebook, then you know the hassle of jumping back-and-forth between apps to copy-and-paste text, urls, and more. Linky's extension aims to solve that.

It's pretty simple, actually. Linky still exists as a standalone app with a browser and sharing built in, but the new sharing extension lets you share through Linky directly from your browser of choice. Copy the text you want to quote, hit the Linky button in your share sheet, and Linky automatically composes a posts from your copied text and the page URL.

Sure, you could just fire up the Twitter or Facebook share button and paste in your quoted text, but you can't do the sort of barely-advanced editing that some like to do — like putting text before and after your URL. And if you want to just send the page title and URL, Linky makes that easy too. The share sheet ends up with three buttons at the bottom — Title, Link, and Text Clip (that'd be your copied text). Tap them to insert the matching string of text in whatever order you desire.

For those that are frequently sharing from their web browser to Twitter, Facebook, and even, Linky might be exactly what you've been looking for.

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