Lockdown offers a new twist on authentication

Launched in time for the release of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, Lockdown is a new iOS app that allows you to easily manage your two-factor authentication keys across devices. It's like Google Authenticator, but on cross-service steroids.

Lockdown works with all online services that are compatible with Google Authenticator, and includes features not found in other two-factor authenticator services, like the ability to sync keys across multiple devices, store recovery codes inside the app, as well as iCloud backup functionality.

Here's a full list of features offered by Lockdown:

  • Ability to sync your account information via iCloud to multiple devices (and soon to Lockdown for Mac)
  • Ability to restore your accounts when upgrading to a new device, or when restoring iOS to an existing device
  • Automatic setup with a 2D barcode provided by an online service
  • Ability to sort and find accounts based on favorites
  • Ability to store backup Recovery Codes for emergency account access
  • You can share the one-time passwords generated by Lockdown through Copying, Messaging, or Email.
  • One-time passwords can be spoken using the dictation feature in iOS. Simply double-tap the one-time password to have it spoken for hands-free typing, or use the share menu options.

An update to Lockdown is currently in the works, which will include Touch ID support, and a second update is being planned that will see the launch of a Safari extension that allows users to generate onetime passwords directly from the browser.

Interested in what Lockdown has to offer? Head on over to the App Store to buy the app, and let us know what you think of it.

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