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Lodsys, the company threatening to sue iPhone and iPad developers for infringing on in-app purchasing patents, has put up a series of blog posts in order to "respond and clarify" their position. For example, why are they going after small, independent iOS developers?

The economic gains provided by the Lodsys inventions (increase in revenue through additional sales, or decrease in costs to service the customer) are being enjoyed by the business that provides the product or service that interacts with the user. Since Lodsys patent rights are of value to that overall solution, it is only fair to get paid by the party that is accountable for the entire solution and which captures the value (rather than a technology supplier or a retailer).

Why aren't they going after Apple?

Apple is licensed for its nameplate products and services.

As are Microsoft and Google, apparently, though none of them are licensed to pass on those services to 3rd parties.

So for those who don't speak patent blog, here's the bottom line:

Lodsys is going iPhone and iPad apps because they can (they bought the rights to these patents), and they don't want to leave any money on the table. Even tiny iOS developer tables.

[Lodsys blog, thanks @jhoove09!]