Logic Pro X and podcaster microphone

Apple has updated Logic Pro X, its pro-level audio editing software for Mac, with a fixes and improvements. These improvements include support for 24 processing threads in the 12-core Mac Pro models.

There are smaller improvements and fixes in version 10.0.7. For instance, you can now insert the current volume, pan, and send values for every selected track into the playhead position. A fix for Low Latency Mode eliminates a sync issue with integrated step sequencers. You can copy and paste automation to any location using the Marquee too. A new option can let MIDI volume and pan data control instrument plug-ins in place of the channel strip. Problems with the snap and alignment guides have been fixed, and XML import and export with Final Cut Pro X has been improved. There are also a number of Accessibility enhancements.

The update to Logic Pro X 10.0.7 is available to download now in the Mac App Store.

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