Logitech announces the Create Keyboard Case for the iPad Pro

Logitech has announced its first keyboard accessory for the newly-unveiled iPad Pro, the Logitech Create Keyboard Case. Like Apple's own keyboard cover, the Logitech Create connects and pairs with the iPad Pro via the tablet's Smart Connector, meaning there's no Bluetooth pairing needed on your part.

The Create Keyboard Case is made from "tightly woven premium fabric" that Logitech says will help resist the occasional bump or spill. In addition, because of its connection via the iPad Pro's Smart Connector, the keyboard is powered by the tablet itself, no charging required.

Logitech says that the Create Keyboard Case will be available in the U.S., as well as select countries in Asia and Europe when the iPad Pro becomes available. So far, we don't have any official word from Apple when that might be, but you can count Logitech as one of the first third-party companies with accessories for the new tablet, and we wouldn't expect other accessory makers to be too far behind.

Source: Logitech

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