Logitech iPad Keyboard

Logitech has just announced what may very well be the most nicely-designed Bluetooth iPad keyboard to date. While many keyboard accessories have tried turn turn the iPad into pseudo-laptop with an extended case or folio, Logitech's Ultrathin Keyboard Cover makes use of the iPad's built-in magnet mounts to securely cover the screen when not in use. When deployed, the iPad rests nicely in a groove above the keyboard, but when connected and closed, the keyboard sits plumb against the iPad screen, and looks like a really nicely unified laptop. The keyboard's backing and profile nicely match the iPad, and it puts the iPad to sleep when closed just like a regular Smart Cover.

While I'm not sold on tablets replacing laptops just yet, I love physical keyboards, and for anyone that needs to do a lot of writing while on the move, some kind of Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad is indispensable. What have your experiences been like with iPad keyboards? Are they big and comfortable enough? Are they worth the added bulk?

$99.99 - Pre-order now

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