We're continuing our look back over WWDC keynotes of yesteryear, and today's choice is the 2008 event. In stark contrast to the year previously which focused mainly on OS X, the 2008 keynote delivered a full on iPhone hit with iPhone 2.0 and the unveiling of the new iPhone 3G.

The largest portion of the keynote was dedicated to the run through of iPhone 2.0, following the launch of the SDK in the months leading up to the event. 2.0 was a huge step forward from the first iteration of the iPhone software, and back then was a paid upgrade for iPod touch owners at $9.99. I remember paying for it! Also as part of the main part of the presentation Mobileme was shown off to the world, but we all know how that ends.

Coming with iPhone 2.0 was the first of the iPhone redesigns with the unveiling of the iPhone 3G. Steve Jobs highlighted a number of key areas Apple needed to address in order to push forward with the iPhone; 3G, enterprise, third-party apps, availability in more countries, and more affordable. With the iPhone 3G Apple hit each one of these, with the $199 launch hitting 22 countries to begin with, an increase on the originals 6.

So, that's 2008. It's great to watch back these old events as we build up towards Monday's big presentation. So join us, kick back and relax, and share with us your highlights of the 2008 WWDC.