Love singing in the shower? Get a waterproof Bluetooth speaker for only $19

Belting out your favorite tunes in the shower is a time-honored tradition, and nothing feels as good as hitting those high notes (even if you are a little flat) as you're scrubbing up and getting ready for the day. Wouldn't it be nice to have some accompaniment, so you're not always singing alone? As funny as it would be to hire a full band to serenade you as you soap yourself up each morning, a Bluetooth speaker may be more practical.

Take your favorite tunes in the shower with you for only $19!

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Of course, waterproof Bluetooth speakers don't typically come cheap, and lots of them have some fancy features that you just don't need for your daily showers. Relax. iMore Offers is here to help.

Right now, through iMore Offers you can pick up a waterproof XXL Shower Speaker for only $19.99!

It's quick and easy to pair up with your phone or computer, so you can listen to music while taking a steamy shower without having to take your expensive device into the bathroom with you. The suction cup back on this Bluetooth speaker means it can be used in any shower and is easily removable, so you can take it with you on your vacations and business trips!

Regularly, this speaker is sold for around $100, but thanks to this deal from iMore Digital Offers you'll be able to snag yours for 80% off! Next time you hold a concert in your shower, and you're using your shower head as a microphone, make sure you have this great waterproof Bluetooth speaker backing you up so you can really rock out!

Sing like nobody is listening!

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Luke Filipowicz
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