LoyalBlocks for iPhone automatically alerts you of discounts at your favorite locations

LoyalBlocks is a new service that lets merchants and vendors easily let their customers know about deals. In turn, you can keep all your discount cards in one easy to manage app including loyalty punch cards. Next time you visit your favorite location, you are notified instantly of any deals they have.

For the service to work, all you need to do is download the LoyalBlocks app and then start adding merchants to your profile. LoyalBlocks will then use your current location in order to scope out deals and discounts. If a particular merchant has a punch card system, they can allow you to keep track of that virtually through the app as well. Whenever you purchase an item that qualifies, you're asked to scan a barcode.

The LoyalBlocks service from the merchant side is handled by placing a base station in the actual business location. This is what alerts your customers to deals. If you're a consumer, there's nothing extra for you to do but add the cards in the LoyalBlocks app for your favorite merchant. It's a great concept but how well it does will depend on how many merchants get on board.

If you've tried out LoyalBlocks, have you found a large number of merchants using the service in your area? If you're a merchant, is LoyalBlocks something you're considering offering your customers?

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