Fatty iPhone 4 for Verizon iPhone rumors

'Tis the season for silly rumors and while it's always unpossible (Google it) to rule out everything, the latest "Verizon is getting an LTE iPhone 4G right after Christmas" round seems a lot more naughty than nice.

The reasonable parts are reasonable enough: Verizon has been training for the iPhone launch, there'll be an announcement after Christmas so as not to ruin AT&T's last big holiday season hurrah, the Verizon iPhone is "100% cooked", and... that's where it seems to fall off the rails.

According a single "source familiar with the matter" (not Phil Schiller's Twitter account, obviously), MacDailyNews reports:

  • The Verizon iPhone will be LTE and exclusively so
  • Verizon management already has it in their hands
  • It'll also be CDMA compatible, since LTE is limited
  • iPhone 5 this summer is supposed to be LTE for everyone
  • Steve Jobs is "pissed" carriers can't "get their LTE $#1t together
  • Apple is helping carriers build out their LTE more quickly by giving them cash

Apple spending money on carrier networks strikes me as a special kind of funny, but the thing all these rumors keep coming back to for me is technology. LTE is just starting to go live in only a few major markets. Apple waited an extra year before going to 3G. LTE is by no means international. First generation LTE radios are going to be big and power hungry, and currently the hand off between LTE and CDMA is anything but elegant (you want to wait 2 minutes to get your fast signal back on the road?). There aren't even any Android LTE phones on Verizon yet, and they're typically riding the bleeding edge on WiMax and HSPA+.

Apple is all about user experience. I could well be wrong, but nothing in the LTE parts of this rumor sound like they'll help user experience in any way.

There's simply no compelling reason for Apple to launch an LTE iPhone 4G on Verizon -- or anywhere -- right now. And that's usually the first sign Apple won't do it.

[MacDailyNews, thanks Glenn!]