The LunaTik Touch Pen is currently seeking Kickstarter funding and before you assume that it is just another stylus, it does offer something quite unique. The stylus is actually a rollerball pen but with a click of a button, the ink point disappears and it becomes a capacitive stylus for your iPad.

Paper and pen will never be replaced. However, more and more people are embracing their iPads and tablets to take notes and capture ideas in a new hybrid analog-digital workflow. These users continuously switch between paper and touch screen during the day. This means they require both a traditional ink pen and a digital stylus.

The pen / stylus combination has been done many times in the past for resistive touch screens but I haven’t seen one for a capacitive touch screen. This could certainly come in very handy. The project has already garnered over $40,000 of pledges with 59 days to go. Expect this one to hit the market in April next year.

Source: Kickstarter


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