iPhones and cases have gone hand in hand for years. Generally, it's almost difficult to spot an iPhone which is not housed inside a case. One thing that is rare is a case that actually adds the functionality to the smartphone, this is where Lunecase comes in. Concepter, a Ukraine startup, is looking to harness the power of electromagnetic waves to power notification lights.

The $50 case has just passed its Kickstarter goal of $50,000 to turn this concept into reality through marketing and production. The interesting feature of Lunecase is that it doesn't require cabling or connectors as it taps into the electromagnetic waves emitted by the iPhone when a call or SMS is received. Think recycling energy. This is also how the case distinguishes between the two alerts.

Looking to ship the product in August, the Lunecase will be 0.125-inches thick, providing added protection against general wear and tear, as well as additional notification lights bringing the rear of the iPhone to life. We'll update you all once the product goes live and will attempt to get our hands on a unit to take a closer look.

Source: Kickstarter