Last night during the iPad Live podcast, while Georgia and I were discussing the rumor about Apple holding a secret iOS developer session, she conjectured that Apple might be showing developers a way to quickly make their iPad apps run on the Mac.

Crazy? Apple brought iPhone apps to the iPad, even created a 2x pixel doubling mode to support them on the larger screen. Would boxing them on a Mac screen be any crazier? Apple has also gone to the trouble of making multitouch track pads on their MacBooks and the multitouch Magic Mouse and Magic TrackPad for the Mac Mini, iMac, and Mac Pro, so while it won't be the same as direct contact on a glass screen, it might make sense for a few very popular apps. Like games.

The Mac has never been the gaming platform of choice, and Apple's reluctance to support it hasn't helped matters. But then came iOS and games for iPhone, iPod touch, and now iPad account for a hefty portion of App Store sales. Valve has come to Mac, now the App Store, and with it maybe Angry Birds?

That's what Dave Winer is thinking, and that would be quite the turn around.

Speaking of which, games that require an accelerometer and gyroscope might not work so well, or might require alternate controls on the Mac, just like some non-game apps might need UI that better fill a giant Mac LED display. Steve Jobs talked about full screen apps, however. He talked about auto-save and saved state upon relaunch. iOS developers know how to do all that, and many of them have existing, popular brands. Where full screen apps make sense, iOS developers have already figured a lot of that out and Apple might just be showing them how to make it a reality on the Mac.

The Mac App Store will open in just over 2 months. Who wants to bet we'll see a bunch of well known, just recently ported iOS apps front and center when it does? Dave Winer seems to think so. Do you?