Mac sales falling, but falling less than PCs

For Apple's fourth quarter for its fiscal year 2013, Mac sales were down year over year, but Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer says that the Mac is still doing better than - and gaining marketshare against - the PC. Mac sales saw a 7 percent drop year over year, but market research firm IDC reports that the PC market overall saw a 10 percent decline.

By the numbers, Apple reported sales of 4.57 million Macs for the quarter, a seven percent decline year over year. That contributed $5.62 billion to Apple's bottom line, a 15 percent decline year over year.

Lower Mac sales should have been expected for the quarter - the MacBook Air was last new Mac model to ship, and Apple began deliveries of that way back in June. New MacBook Pro and iMac models were only introduced in October.

Oppenheimer noted that Macs have continued to gain marketshare for 29 of the last 30 quarters (the one down quarter was the December 2012 quarter, when Apple delayed the release of new iMac models longer than it had originally anticipated). Despite the slowdown in Mac sales, Apple was able to keep its channel inventory under control - the company said that it exited the quarter with less than the four weeks of inventory available.

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