With its latest ads for the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft has re-ignited the old 'Mac vs PC' battle by taking aim at the MacBook Air. Previous Windows tablet ads have taken aim at the iPad, but this time out Microsoft is going for the big guns with its newest 'laptop' in three new, short ads.

So, what's the focus? A few main points come across through the three slightly different ads; touchscreen, kickstand, detachable keyboard and the stylus. Granted, there's no doubts Mac owners out there who would love to be able to swipe away at OS X on their MacBooks or draw on the display with a pen. But the kickstand and detachable keyboard feels like its clutching at straws, a little. I mean, the MacBook Air is a laptop – and an extremely portable one at that – so, yeah. If you want to adjust the screen, you just tilt it. You know, like a laptop.

It's not the first time Microsoft has gone after the MacBook crowd with the Surface Pro 3, even offering a trade-in program – one that Windows Phone Central EiC, Daniel Rubino, took advantage of – to get Mac owners to jump ship to the Surface.

It's truly amazing that something like the Surface Pro 3 has a full computer packed inside it, of that there's no doubt. But are Mac owners really going to leave behind OS X and the MacBook line for a Windows 8 tablet with a plug in keyboard? Are you?

Check out the other two commercials below and be sure to sound off in the comments below with your own thoughts.