Looking for an iPad case that doubles as a stand? Overwhelmed by the options? If you desire one that's nice and slim, your search may be over. The Macally Bookstand for iPad is a form fitting, yet protective case that can be used as a stand when in landscape.

The iPad snaps into the Macally Bookstand at each corner. This makes it very easy to take your iPad in and out of the case. It also means that the corners are the only spots on the edge of the iPad that are protected. This doesn't bother me; in fact, I prefer it. I'm a fan of slim cases that show off as much of the iPad as possible, so seeing the aluminum edges is a plus in my book. But if you're of the opposite mindset and want as much protection as possible, this case is not for you.

The front of the case is thin and kind of flimsy, but it holds up really well. About a third of the way from the inside, there is a seem in it which allows it to bend. Bending the front of the case to the back and sliding the flap into the provided slip gives the case a triangular shape. Now you can have your iPad at a nice typing angle on a table or your lap, or stand it up tall for easy viewing. I was nervous that touching the iPad would cause it to fall when having it stand tall, but this is not that case. The Macally Bookstand is nice and sturdy.

The outside of the Macally Bookstand is made from a velvet-like material that feels nice. However, it is prone to collecting lint and dirt. It is fairly obvious on the black one I've been using, but I suspect that it wouldn't look as bad on the gray one. I found that the easiest way to clean it is with an upholstery attachment on a vacuum cleaner hose - it only takes a few seconds.

If you’re looking for a slim stand case for your iPad, check out the Macally Bookstand for iPad available now from the TiPb iPad accessory store.

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  • Very slim
  • Feels nice
  • Lightweight
  • Access to all ports and controls


  • Material collects lint

TiPb iPad 4.5-star rated

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