MacPaw, the developer behind apps like CleanMyMac and Gemini, has introduced DevMate, a new development and distribution platform for Mac applications. The goal of DevMate is to help developers build and distribute their apps outside of the Mac App Store. DevMate contains tools for licensing, app management, analytics, and more.

DevMate features built-in tools for adding licensing protection to your application, and support for selling via FastSpring, as many Mac developers do outside of the Mac App Store. It also lets you easily issue updates to customers, including Delta updates, and beta versions, and you can also build in custom update paths.

Developers can upload their apps to DevMate to quickly get them into customers' hands. You'll have full control over your app rollouts, including beta versions. Your apps will be hosted and delivered via Amazon CDN.

Analytics and crash reports can also be handled through DevMate. Analytics give you breakdowns in visits, downloads and revenue. You can also see how the number of visitors converts to downloads, installations, and sales of your application. DevMate's crash reporting tools help you quickly analyze reports, how frequently crashes occur, and where they happen.

DevMate is available for developers now at the link below. In addition to MacPaw, several notable Mac developers are already making use of DevMate, including Realmac, Smile, and Softorino.

Source: DevMate