Article 2008 01 05 Macbook Nano

A little non-iPhone news:

A widely read piece at Wired on the origins of the iPhone is pretty much must-read. It would have been nice if the article had more named-sources, but on the other hand the entire thing rings very true. If you're interested in how Apple negotiated the complicated carrier and technical details of the iPhone, it's the best article on that in the past few months.

But we're all about Macworld this weekend, so this tidbit caught our eye:

Jobs had reason to be confident. Apple's hardware engineers had spent about a year working on touchscreen technology for a tablet PC and had convinced him that they could build a similar interface for a phone.

Oh, so Apple was already working on a tablet concept before the iPhone. If it took some work to re-engineer their tablet technology into the iPhone, methinks it would take less work to re-engineer that technology in to a tablet.

Of course, it would be even easier to integrate that technology into a massive touchpad on a thin MacBook, per MacRumors (who gets the credit for the above image).

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