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The internet is all abuzz over the latest Macworld rumor - AppleInsider has spotted Apple banners with the slogan "There's something in the air." My guess hope is something rather less revolutionary than WiMAX Apple devices or a 3G iPhone - both of which I consider very unlikely. WiMAX is just not widespread enough yet and too much of it is controlled by Sprint and Clearwire. No way Apple is going to get in bed with Sprint given their relationship with AT&T, and Clearwire is just too small.

Instead, I'm hoping for .Mac services on the iPhone. Radically improved .Mac services have been something I've wanted to a long time. What I'd really like: Google services integration, iWeb mobloggling from the iPhone, and access to .Mac's online storage. Please Please.

Meanwhile, check out what our forum members think is coming at Macworld.

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