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Macworld|iWorld 2013

Macworld|iWorld 2013

Macworld|iWorld is not the event of old, where Steve Jobs put sneaker to keynote stage and introduced us to everything from the iPhone to the MacBook Air, and where Apple's massive booth, and the massive booths of countless accessory makers, filled Moscone to capacity.

Apple holds their own events now, at a time and place of their own choosing, and CES has made a concerted effort to steal away the accessory booths, and now has more iPhone and iPad cases in their halls than any person, sane or otherwise, would ever want to walk through at any one time.

But neither has taken the heart from Macworld|iWorld, all they took were the bigger keynotes and bigger booths. Macworld|iWorld's heart, it turns out, was never in either of those things. It was in the community. It was in us. And it endures.

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iPhone at CES 2010 Update -- What About Macworld?

With Apple announcing that Macworld 2009 would be its last, rumors began to fly that maybe CES 2010 would get Steve Jobs' attention instead. TiPb still isn't buying that -- given Apple's stated reasons, it makes no more sense for them than Macworld.

However, now word comes that iLounge has begun working with the CEA (the organization behind CES) to create an iPhone (and iPod) "iLounge Pavilion" at CES as a rallying and gathering point for exhibitors -- perhaps in lieu of Macworld 2010.

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RichardSolo Macworld Discount Still Valid

So Macworld 2009 has come and gone. Sad, yes we all know. Although, that does not mean all of the special deals that were going on at the show are gone! One of discounts still floating around comes to us from RichardSolo.

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CES 2010 Says Apple Zone Definite, Apple Itself... Dunno.

No sooner to rumors sprout that Apple may have abandoned Macworld only to show up at CES next year, than the CEA decides to pour some miracle grow on them. Says CNet:

Jason Oxman of the CEA confirmed Saturday that the group "dedicated a special area at the 2010 CES to Apple-related CE manufacturers." That immediately sets up an alternative for companies thinking about exhibiting at Macworld 2010, which will not have Apple present for the first time in 12 years.

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Macworld 2009: Leo Laporte-Note Non-Live Blog (Now Up!)

Leo Laporte of TWiT fame's Macworld 2009 Keynote. Be sure to check out our photo gallery as well. All the highlights after the break!

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Macworld: Day 2 Redux: More Apps and Accessories Gallery

More pics from yesterday, enjoy!


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Macworld Video: Smule Shows How to Play Ocarina for the iPhone

The great folks at Smule were kind enough to show Ocarina the way it was meant to be played. Personally, I can barely manage anything more than an asthmatic wheeze and a dying note or too...

How are you doing with Ocarina? What can you play?

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Macworld Day 2: Accessory Overload Gallery

More "let the picture do the talking" gallery posts folks, as with the rest of the crew off at CES, I'm pounding the pavement alone. More pics to come!


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TiPb at Macworld Day 1 Roundup

TiPb typed our iPhone-loving fingers off yesterday, the first day of Macworld Expo 2009. If you missed any of our coverage, here are the links below. Now we're off to day 2, so check back soon 'cause we'll be bringing you the best and the brightest iPhone apps and accessories we can find on the show floor. We'll also try to Twitter as much as we can in between posts via @theiphoneblog and @reneritchie

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Smartphone Experts at CES 2009! WMExperts, TreoCentral, Android Central, and Coverage

Macworld: New iLife iPhoto 09 Integrates Slide Shows for iPhone

Not only did Apple introduce a new version of their flagship iLife 09 (see our MASSIVE Live Blog!), Phil Schiller demonstrated an awesome new feature for iPhone and iPod touch users: direct export of slide shows to iTunes!

Along with some truly gorgeous templates and amazing transitions, the ability to make them mobile -- so you can easily take them to show family and friends -- is killer for iPhone and iPod touch owners.

iPhoto 09, and the rest of iLife including the equally tremendous upgrade to iMovie, ships in late January free on new Macs, $79 for a single user, $99 for a family pack.

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