Football season is fast approaching and why not prepare for the upcoming season by checking out the newly released Madden 2011 for not only the iPhone but on the iPad as well. The iPhone version will run you $7.99 while the iPad version is a bit steeper at $12.99. Yes, these two are pricier than we'd like to see but this is EA's cream of the crop and has been for many years so it was to be expected. If you are not in a hurry to pick these up, simply wait a few weeks and it's very possible you will soon see the prices come down.

The game itself contains some pretty great graphics for a portable device but also has some killer features carried over from the console versions as well.

  • TDC (“Total Defensive Control”) makes playing defense pure fun. Press the TDC button to pause the action, position your defensive players, and feel the thrill of delivering game-changing hits like never before.

  • GameFlow lets you to choose your play without having to go back into the playbook. Stay on the move with more streamlined gameplay.

  • Match up all 32 NFL teams featuring updated rosters and nearly 2,000 real players.

  • This season, get more gameplay depth with Hot Routes Everywhere. Now draw up Hot Routes for passing, running, and defense. Even save your best (or craziest!) routes as audibles.

EA also states that multiplayer will be coming in a soon to be released update for the iPad version.

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