The Magazine adds web subscriptions, full article sharing

Marco Arment's The Magazine is widely regarded as the best thing to happen to iOS' Newsstand to date, and now Arment is expanding it to take on the web as well. That includes both online subscriptions in addition to iOS, and the ability to share the full text of an article. Here's how Arment describes it on

[You] can now subscribe to The Magazine on the web, and you can sync subscriptions between the app and the website so you don’t need to pay twice. (I even implemented a crazy passwordless login system. Check it out. You can create an account on the site without subscribing if you want to see it.)

Non-subscribers can now also read one article a month, and even Instapaper that article if they like.

It’s a lot like the New York Times paywall, but with a limit of one free article per month. (We only publish about 11 articles per month, and we don’t run ads like they do, so higher limits would be problematic.)

Since launch, the quality of The Magazine's articles has remained top notch even as the scope has grown considerably. Informative, touching, entertaining, heart breaking, inspiring, and enlightening, they're delivered not only to your iPhone and iPad every two weeks, but now to your browser as well.

If you haven't checked The Magazine out already, check it out now. And for more on why Arment has made the changes he did, check out the rest of his post.


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