Mail Pilot 2 for Mac enters public preview

Mindsense has started a public preview of its upcoming Mac email app, Mail Pilot 2. Announced earlier this year, Mail Pilot 2 adds a number of new features, including a revamped interface for OS X Yosemite.

The interface is now more simplified. Elements like your inbox, reminders, drafts, and more are all located in the collapsable source list. It also features bot targeting, letting you ignore messages not sent by humans.

You can join the Mail Pilot 2 Public Preview at the Minsense website. The preview is available for free, though testers can purchase it at any time for $9.99, a 50% discount from its standard price of $19.99. A release date has yet to be announced.

Mindsense also makes a version of Mail Pilot 2 for iPhone and iPad. You can read our review for more information.

Check out the Mail Pilot 2 for Mac Public Preview from Mindsense