Mail Pilot 2 for Mac on the way; Apple Watch app in the works

The interface has been simplified, with your inbox, reminders, drafts, and more all located on the translucent, collapsable source list. Everything is less cluttered, even with the redesigned inbox, which shows more of your messages, letting you get a quick glance of your mail.

From Mindsense:

We redesigned version 2 to have an intense level of simplicity & focus. We stripped out every unnecessary interface element, collapsed views when they aren't needed, and redesigned the interface to put your life's content center stage.

Mail Pilot 2 has made a number of improvements to existing features. Search has been rebuilt for speed, and you will be able to drag and drop attachments inline with your message. The app also allows you click one button to collapse all messages that have been sent by bots, which the app automatically detects.

During the beta for Mail Pilot 2 for Mac, Mindsense is offering a public preview. You can sign up on their website here.

In addition to Mail Pilot 2 for Mac, Mindsense has also announced Mail Pilot for Apple Watch as an update to Mail Pilot 2 for iPhone and iPad. You'll be able to check your inbox, view notifications, and use the watch's Glances feature to look at your reminders for the day.

Finally, the developer is working on a new email tool, called Periscope. Details are scarce at the moment, but Mindsense says that the all-new product will give you control over your inbox in a way that can't be matched by email clients. You can sign up to the Periscope newsletter for more information.

No date has been released for the launch of Mail Pilot 2 for Mac, and Mail Pilot for Apple Watch is expected closer to the actual release of the device on April 24.

Source: Mindsense (1), (2)