Here's a handy tip for Mailbox users to get some extra, totally free, storage in their Dropbox accounts. Mailbox was acquired by Dropbox not too long after it launched, and has since seen updates to add integration for Dropbox attachments. Now though, it seems the Dropbox connection goes a little further, as noticed by The Next Web:

"Once Mailbox’s iOS app is installed, just go to the Settings menu, tap on “Dropbox”, add your account information, and voilà! you now have more space to store photos, files, music, and movies. Don’t worry if you’ve already connected the two services together — just unlink them and reconnect again to pick up the 1GB."

We've tried this ourselves, and we're happy to verify that indeed it does work. Instantly upon linking the two accounts, an extra 1GB of storage gets added to your total. Mailbox may still only be for Gmail users, but the Dropbox connection looks to be coming good. Thanks Dropbox!

Source: The Next Web

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