Make calls, use Siri through your Mac with Connect

Connect for Mac is a new app that lets you place phone calls, organize your contacts, and even use Siri when your phone is connected to your Mac. Using Bluetooth, Connect connects to your phone and presents a simple dial pad with a sidebar on the left. The upper right corner of the app will display the current signal strength and battery charge of your phone. Type a phone number or the name of your contact to dial, though you can also initiate calls from the contact list. You can organize your contacts, including favorites, and view your call history.

You can also use Siri, speaking through your Mac's microphone. The audio output will come through your Mac's speakers. However, you will not be able to use Siri while the screen is locked if you have a password enabled, including Touch ID for those with an iPhone 5s.

You can buy Connect from the Mac App Store right now for $2.99.

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