As today's digital world becomes even more immersive with technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality, it's getting near impossible to tear your kids away from starring at their phones. While technology can be a great tool to help children learn and grow, it also presents challenges regarding safety online and taking up important social time. How do you manage your children's time so they have the opportunities that technology provides them, without sacrificing their social growth and development?

Limit your child's exposure to their phone.

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We all know managing your kids 24/7 is a very difficult job and you could use some help. iMore Digital Offers has the perfect solution to help pull your kids away from their screens.

unGlue is the ultimate service for helping you track, limit, and monitor your child's usage on their device. With simple controls to institute daily entertainment time limits, set internet access schedules, and monitor the activity of any mobile device on your home network, unGlue lets you find internet balance without becoming overly controlling.

A service like this would normally cost you hundreds of dollars, but right now you can get unGlue for only $69.99! That's over 80% off! Plus, you'll get a lifetime subscription you'll never have to spend another dime to monitor your child's phone again.

Stop worrying about your kids spending too much time in front of their phones or tablets, and start to feel confident that your child isn't missing any opportunities.

Feel confident that your child isn't missing any opportunities.

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