Let's face it: We can't all buy new cars with the hot new tech. A Tesla just isn't for everyone. But we can do a few things to make our older, dumber cars just a little bit smarter. And for that, I'd been eyeing one of those little dongle adapter things from Automatic.

Automatic Pro is the big brother. It's $129, but for that one-time expense you get data that uploads automatically over 3G (for the five-year lifetime of the device). It's simultaneously a game-changer and not necessarily that big a deal. It sort of depends on what you need it for.

If you drive for business, this little thing can be a BIG deal. If you just want to make your car a little smarter? Well, it does that, too. It might not change your life, but it might just change your drive.

Check out the video to learn more about what the Automatic Pro can do for your car!

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