Hallowe'en is right around the corner! What comes to mind when you think of this time of year? Leaves changing color, jack o'lanterns, costumes, trick-or-treaters, those awful garbage bags with ghosts and pumpkins on them that you usually see until at least Christmas? Yeah, some people don't know how to decorate for Hallowe'en to save their lives.

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Sound like you? How do you decorate? Fake cobwebs? Those static-cling window stickers from Walmart? Styrofoam tombstones in the front yard? That's child's play. You need Hallowe'en decorations that are gonna scare the crap out of every little pirate, black cat, Power Ranger, Iron Man, Disney princess, and teenager with a mask that sets foot on your doorstep this October 31.

AtmosFX creates amazing decorative animations that let you project hologram-like images on sheets, or you can display them on TV screens and other monitors. At iMore Digital Offers, you can get a $39.99 credit for almost any digital decoration in AtmosFX's library. And if you use code ATMOSFX15, you'll get 15% off, so you'll pay $33.99.

Basically, you go to AtmosFX's website, find the digital decoration you like, download it, and then use the digital file to display ghostly and ghastly images via projector or TV screen. Suspend a white sheet between door ways or over windows and let the screaming commence.

If you're sick of getting egged because you just don't seem to be in the Hallowe'en spirit, even though you tried really hard, then check out AtmosFX's digital decorations and start frightening children the right way — with realistic-looking ghosts, ghouls, zombie hordes, and more. Be sure to use code ATMOSFX15 to save 15% at checkout.

Make yours the scariest house on the street for $34 Learn more