If you've ever been to an Apple Store, the odds of you seeing a kiosk outside of a mall carrying after market iPhone parts and color conversion kits are pretty high. Most malls have them and they crop up just as fast as they disappear. According to WBALTV, police in Baltimore have seized hundreds of counterfeit Apple parts.

According to Baltimore police, the following items were seized from the Apple parts reseller:

The items recovered included iPhones and the colored fronts and backings that go with them, cellphone conversion kits, iPhone and iPad covers, Apple product ID stickers, iPad replacement screens and various internal iPhone parts. Detectives also found packaging materials, equipment used to design and print those materials and computer equipment believed to be used to clone phones.

What is most alarming of the above items is probably software and equipment to clone phones. This is why it's important to trust whoever you are allowing to work on your device and always remove any information you don't want someone seeing before taking it in for service.

Common sense dictates that all color conversions are counterfeit since Apple never manufactured colored versions of the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5.

When it comes to general repairs, we've taken a look in the past at what users can do to find and pick a quality repair shop. If you choose to go outside of Apple, it becomes your responsibility to make sure that you're trusting the right company. Ask about warranties and where they get their parts. If they're not willing to answer those questions, we'd recommend paying the higher premium at the Apple Store or looking elsewhere.

Source: WBALTV via 9to5Mac