Could this be a sign of things to come with tethering and the iPhone? Will all of us who own iPhones be vulnerable to these overages if we choose to start using software like the upcoming SlingPlayer Mobile?

A Chicago man (Jamesus -- hoping it was not you, buddy!) decided to watch a Bears game via Slingbox on his laptop before leaving for a cruise... Harmless enough one would think, but his AT&T wireless data card decided to pick up a international signal while he was still in Miami... end result: A $28,067.31 bill for international data charges. It's safe to say the data card was picking up the wrong signal and with a few customer service calls he eventually did get the charges dropped down to $290.65.

So all of you travelers out there, take heed if you are traveling on a fringe area and take all precautions to avoid something like this happening to you...

*It seems that this story comes to us via the Chicago Sun-Times and their feature: The Fixer. The man who was charged could not get AT&T to remove the charges from customer service calls until the Sun-Times got involved and the story ended up in the paper. Knowing that, it makes AT&T look a lot worse then they already did... Ouch.

[Via EngadgetMobile]