Man who sold the lost iPhone 4 prototype answers anything...

Brian Hogan -- the man who found a prototype iPhone 4 at a bar and ultimately sold it to Gizmodo -- participated in an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit. Here's how it begins:

When I was 21 I was at a bar pretty late at night with 2 friends. After the last call both of my friends went to the bathroom, as they left a random drunk guy came out, walked up to me, picked up the phone on the bar stool next to me, and said don't forget your phone! I told him it wasn't mine and I didn't know who it belonged to. Random drunk guy hands me the phone and tasks me with finding its owner. I ask around and cant figure out who it belongs to, and after my friends returned we left and walked home having intentions of figuring out who the phone belonged to and giving it back.

And how does it end? Now well, not for anybody. But if you're curious to find out more on Hogan's perspective, check it out the AMA and then let me know your take. It's quite possibly the craziest incident in modern Apple media history, what would you have done with that phone, in that bar?

Source: Reddit via The Next Web

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