Have multiple email accounts on your iPhone and wondering how to get custom signatures for all of them? There's little app in Cydia called Mail Enhancer that allows just that. You can have custom signatures for each individual email address as well as set different sounds for mail within the settings panel. Hit the jump for a quick walk-through!

[$2.99 - Cydia Link]

You won't see an icon for Mail Enhancer on your springboard. You'll have to go into your settings and then you'll find it. Once you're in it, simply toggle it to on. You'll now see a ton of options for customizing and tweaking mail settings further than stock iOS lets you. You can also choose to have Mail Enhancer auto-recognize HTML as well. This is nice if you want to send richer e-mail than just plain text.

If you'd like to use custom sounds for mail, you can use any iOS sound file on your device as well as import your own into iTunes ringtones. (If they don't show up after making them or downloading them, simply re-spring and relaunch Mail Enhancer).

Any signature changes you make via Mail Enhancer will automatically flow through to the default mail app. Simply toggle between your mail accounts and choose the e-mail you'd like to send mail from. The signature will automatically change to whatever you have pre-defined in Mail Enhancer.

This is personally a tweak well worth the $2.99 it goes for in Cydia. If you've tried it out or use it, let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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