College T.A is an app to help college students balance classes, clubs, work, and social life. Manage your coursework, events, to-do lists, professors' info, and more and keep your calendars synced in College T.A and your iPhone's built-in Calendar app. The recent update also brings a new UI and other optimizations.

For many college students, the Spring semester is right around the corner (or has just begun), so now is a perfect time to picks up College T.A before you're helplessly disorganized!

The life of a college student can be a confusing whirlwind that involves balancing your academic and social lives. However, College TA, the next generation of college planners is here. College TA assists users with managing their personal, social, and academic lifestyles, all on a beautiful and simplistic design.

College T.A is available on the iPhone for free.

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