Apple has announced a number of big changes coming to Maps with iOS 10. The redesigned app will make it easier to access the controls and details that you need by adding traffic information, Proactive results and more. A simple swipe up from the bottom of the screen will show you some of the Proactive results based on previous behavior and your calendar.

While navigating using the app, you'll now be able to see the traffic on your route, and it will be easier to view your route with automatic zooming. The map will get closer when you have an upcoming action, and it will zoom out when on a long stretch of road. If your route has a lot of traffic, Maps will proactively offer an alternative route to avoid it. CarPlay will take advantage of the new zooming and navigation features, as well as offer turn-by-turn directions right in your car's instrument cluster.

Maps will now be opened up to developers with extensions. With this, you can request your Uber or reserve a table with OpenTable all without having to leave the Maps app.